Cliff Young At The Inaugural Ultra Marathon From Sydney to Melbourne in 1983

Cliffyoung1983          Cliff Albert Young during the Ultra Marathon waving hand  to the audiences

In 1983, Cliff Albert Young, a potato farmer who was 61 years old won the Inaugural Ultra Marathon From Sydney to Melbourne and rewarded first prize of 10,000 dollar. Cliff Young is a generous man as he gave two grant of his money to five other runners and kept nothing for himself. He was the oldest Australia marathon winner before 1983 and he had successfully caught the attention of the social media. He had proved to everyone in the world that if you have a young heart that never die, you can chase your dream regardless of ages.


                                Cliff Albert Young the only contestant who wear gumboots

During the whole Ultra Marathon, Cliff Young was the only contestant who wore gumboots and ran all the way from Sydney to Melbourne during the Ultra Marathon in 1983. Other runners were wearing sport uniforms and a pair of runners and they were all amazed by Cliff Young’s outfits, his working overall and a pair of gumboots. Before the marathon begins, some runners ran to him, tell him that there’s no way he can finished the marathon and win the race but Cliff Young told them confidently that he can finished the marathon because he owned a lots of sheep and sometimes he had to run two or three days to chase them in other to bring them back to the farm.


                                   Cliff Young during the night in 1983 Ultra Marathon

The next day in the morning, Cliff Young surprise everyone not only because he’s still on track in the competition, he also shuffle all night without having a sleep. Every runners knew that the competition had to take 5 days to complete, run in the days and sleep in the night but Cliff Young is the only contestant  who don’t know. Although Cliff Young was shuffling slow at the back of other runners, but he manage to catch up all contestant during the third day by shuffling whole day and night without having a sleep.

Cliff Young a potato farmer had just amazed the whole world by breaking the world record in the ages of 61 in 1983 during the Ultra Marathon from Sydney to Melbourne. Cliff Young took 2 days off to finished the marathon by a pair of gumboots. Cliff Young also amazed others people by giving other 5 runners 2,000 dollar each and keep nothing for himself.

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