This picture was taken when john started playing for the South Sydney

John William Sattler. was a rugby player. He was born 28 July 1942 in Kuri Kuri, NSW Australia. He played rugby league footballer of the 1960s and ’70s and led his club, South Sydney to win 4 premiership between 1967 and 1971 He also played four tests for Australia, three of them as national captain. He is the father of former rugby league player Scott Sattler who also won a premiership with Penrith club in 2003.

on the right picture john is 73 and you can also see that his jaw is back to normal but he got another picture next to him this picture is the picture that made the world jump out of they’re chair, as you can see in the picture one of johns teammate carry him this shows that the team is proud of john.

John Sattler has a legendary status in the game for his role in the 1970 grand final when  he played with a broken jaw to help Souths to victory over Manly. When Sattler got hit in the head by John Buckmall he suddenly said “Never show those opposition pr*cks that you are hurt”. Quality that john shows is that brotherhood, determination he shows brotherhood by not letting his team down and he is determined to win the game even though he broke his jaw.

The moment: Captain John Sattler (left) is hit with forearm to head by John Bucknall during Souths versus Manly 1970 Grand Final at SCG in Sydney   This was the picture when john got hit in the jaw at this time john quoted

“THE roar I hear is replaced by silence. I can’t see. Where am I? What the hell just happened? I blink, trying to kickstart my vision, but like a camera out of focus, all I see is a blur.

Through the haze, I make out a maroon object. A man, I think, with hair the colour of beach sand. I see this hotchpotch of color running off into the distance.

Who is he? My senses are failing me and I feel vulnerable. Inside I scream: Help me … help me.”



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