The famous tennis player, Evonne Goolagong 1951


Evonne Goolagong, she is a famous Australian tennis player. She was born in 1951 

Evonne Goolagong was born in 31 July 1951 ,in Griffith, NSW, Australia. Goolagong won 14 Grand Slam titles. She won in singles tennis four times in Australian Open, twice in Wimbledon in UK and once in French Open. She is a first Australian to win a Wimbledon Tennis Championship in 1971. She became a international Australian player tennis in the world. And started to play tennis when she was young. And she joined the tennis club when she was seven years old.


                                      1971                                                                         1980

Goolagong won twice Wimbledon Champions in 1971 and 1980

In year 1971,the first time, Evonne Goolagong won Margaret Smith court

Goolagong married Roger Cawley on 19 June 1975, He is a British tennis player. They live in Queensland. Their children are Kelly and Morgan

.The next year, she lost Billie Jean King in the Wimbledon final. And the second time, she won Evert-Lloyd in 1980 in this year, she has a chance “Winning in ’80, particularly after having a child, there was more of a challenge there for me. I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it again and to prove to others that this could be done.”

She has a lot of tennis fans all over the world. She was a top rank players over than ten years.



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