Why is sport so important in culture?

Sport occupies a special place in culture because of the many admirable qualities found within athletes and demonstrated on the sporting field.

Great athletes possess power, grace, perseverance, determination, courage, selflessness and fearlessness.

The great moments in sporting history highlight the best qualities of humanity such as dignity, comradeship, fairness,

Sport can also be seen as a metaphor for life and there are many sports based idioms in common use:

to come out swinging (boxing)

down and out (boxing)

to drop the ball (baseball, rugby, etc)

to get the ball rolling (ball games)

to move the goalposts (football)

hands down (horse racing)

hat trick (cricket)

to have someone in your corner (boxing)

to hit it out of the park (baseball)

to knock for six (cricket)

to keep your eye on the ball (ball games)

no holds barred (wrestling)

to hit it out of the park (baseball)

par for the course (golf)

to play ball with (baseball)

to pull no punches (boxing)

to have a ringside seat (boxing)

a sticky wicket (cricket)

to be stumped (cricket)

to be saved by the bell (boxing)

More sports based idioms found here:


Task 3: Prezi presentation


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